White Chocolate Lime Scones

3 thoughts on “White Chocolate Lime Scones”

  1. What a yummy flavor combo! I adore anything with cranberries and have made cranberry/orange scones, but never thought of white chocolate and lime! This is just a perfect thing to make on a chilly, rainy day like today, so I’d better get to the store right now for some limes and heavy cream so I can take these over to my Mom’s house later this afternoon-just in time for a tea time snack! Thanks!

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  2. Yummy! My Mother enjoyed the surprising sweet lime flavor…(I asked her to guess the flavor!) I also shared them with a friend whose mobility is limited due to recent surgery, (so she can’t putter around the kitchen) and she really enjoyed them. We then decided we are going to co-host a tea party with all of the women in our immediate families as soon as she’s back on her feet–so we’ll be seeing you at the store within the month!


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