Two Principles for a Budding Tea Pot Collection

3 thoughts on “Two Principles for a Budding Tea Pot Collection”

  1. Sarah, I had the good fortune/pleasure of visiting the Queen’s Pantry this past week and met your lovely Mother. I told her how much I enjoy your blogs; your writing style conveys a warm, cozy, friendly feeling-which in itself, is a wonderful Tea break”! I hope you keep on writing and developing your unique voice. As for teapots, well, I don’t know how many I have either-I just know that when my Sisters and I held a wedding shower for one of my cousins, we decided on a Tea party” theme because I have several whimsical teapots-some shaped like vegetables and fruits, one that is painted with a tuxedo, several floral, many vividly colored, a couple of heirloom teapots -one from my “English” Grandmother and one that was my Mom’s from the 1940’s (and one of the few things that survived the 1951 flood)-all of varying sizes/capacities. Also, it was a good excuse to get out the crystal and some silver, and as one of my nieces said, “use pretty plates and eat pretty food”.

    FYI – I am not sure there IS such a thing as having too many teapots! (I’m just sayin’).

    Happy May Day!

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  2. Hi Joan!
    Oh, thank you for your sweet and kind words! You are so encouraging! Thank you!
    What a fun story – I love hearing about how different people use their love of tea to bless others and develop relationships! What a wonderful collection to have!

    Thanks for sharing!


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